About us

Seme Body Butter is a natural skincare company that aims to provide High quality skincare products from organic ingredients our goal is to make skincare products that help to heal, nourish, protect, and moisturize the skin. Bring out and promoting your most healthy and radiant skin complexion. Seme body butter cater to individual of all skin type.

My Story


As an immigrant coming to America, my skin found it difficult to acclimatize to the different weather conditions. In my search for a skincare product that will help with the dry and eczema prone skin condition that i suddenly developed i soon realized that the skincare industry is so vast, every day a new skincare product is in the market. But most of this product where not being transparent with the chemicals being used and the harmful effect it could have on your skin. after trying several lotions and moisturize with none alleviating my skin condition, i decided to create my own moisturize using natural ingredients i saw my grandmother use growing up "shea butter and coconut oil" and she had the most beautiful and soft skin. 


Formulated with utmost care and precision. created with natural, organic ingredient, that promote skin health without compromising effectiveness. my commitment is to maintain the highest quality standard and ensure all product are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrance or material and artificial colorants. All body butter formulas will be 100 transparent in ingredients and material used. I want every user to feel nourished when engaging in the art of skin ritual.